For over 25 years, LifeFormations has been producing the magic of animatronics, themed elements and interpretive interactives that have become the standard for creativity, quality fabrication and successful audience engagement of all ages.

It’s not just the magic of what we produce, but the process we implement and how we produce it that creates the truly unique and specialized elements that we are known for across the country and around the globe.

With our vast in-studio resources, including digital sculpting & prototyping, metal fabrication, plastics, woodworking, media production, show control and an art studio specializing in sculpting in clay, foam and other mixed materials, we have the capability to envision a solution to your project and see it through seamlessly to completion.

While the ways in which we apply our various talents and techniques are as varied as the projects we create, there are some proven steps we try to follow for each project that can serve as a roadmap for many of the we create.  The following links outline some of those steps.